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'I'm totally great!' *takes a swig of wine and cries herself to sleep*

You may act like everything is normal, everything is fine. But I’d like to encourage you to look a little deeper. Are there some painful roots that are causing you to bear dysfunctional fruit? Is your life producing what you want it to? Check out today’s blog to get a picture of what might be going wrong.

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Exposed & Exhausted Part 2

Ruth in the Bible was the original ball-buster…she was brave, bold and not afraid to make her needs known - her need to be married to Boaz! It’s okay to admit that you want and need a husband. Don’t let your pride stop you from putting yourself out there. Boaz had enough room under his blanky for Ruth, and she went for it!

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Ruth Harding
Exposed & Exhausted Part 1

Managing life as a single woman sucks after a while. It’s tiring, stressful and lonely. No one should have to do this journey alone - and the feminine spirit is crushed by a long work week and a pile of difficult responsibilities. Does this resonate with you? Here’s some psychology to get you thinking.

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